Monday, June 20, 2011

never underestimate .. .. . the power of hangers that match.

Are you one of those people that has an array of colored hangers? Or, lest I say, metal hangers direct from the laundromat? Or even those plastic ones that come directly from the store in which your shirt was purchased? Complete with the size labeled on the top? If so, then this little excerpt is for you....

People pay me to organize their closets. And the experience I have in the "hanger department" is almost always the same. I suggest that they get hangers that match, and they try and argue with me that it's a waste of money when they have plenty of hangers already. This to me is one of those things that takes an organized closet up about 5 notches.

I generally take around 10 hangers that match and hang the clients clothes on them. and on the opposite side I'll take their mismatched hangers and do the same. It's within seconds that the decision is made to move forward in the matching hanger purchase. Why? Because it looks better. Plain and simple.

There's something to be said about opening your closet door and your eye not be broken up by the chaos of different shapes and sizes...or colors and textures.

Something as simple and inexpensive as a hanger.... ... . .....WHO KNEW?

** You can go to Walmart and get matching plastic hangers, color of your choice, for around 10/$1. (And if you wait until they have their "college line" out you'll have more color options at a cheaper price. You can even keep an ear out for clothing stores that are going out of business. They will most likely start selling those things off...and your chances of getting a nicer wooden hanger or thick metal hanger just went up. (Depending on your style) **


  1. My wife and I argue about hangers all the time...I even bought nice wooden hangers but yet she still insists on using different hangers. What should I do?

  2. remove all un-matching hangers immediately from the home. hard to hang something on a hanger that isn't there ;)

  3. What are the Hangers direct is that they are a necessary evil, and like any other decoration accessory, which we never found