Wednesday, June 22, 2011

(1 of 3) Biggest space waster in a home is.......(DRUM ROLL PLEASE)


Something SO frustrating to me!

I don't get it. Contractors build these beautiful homes...and throw in a wire rack . A WIRE RACK! Hanging it at about 2 feet down from the top of the 8 foot wall!! Unless you or your significant other are 12 feet tall and need the 6 foot space to hang their GINORMOUS clothes're killing off about 4 feet of usable closet space!

People often get overwhelmed by the dead space and start filling it with mismatched bins and baskets to house their belts or their ties…or shoes. Or folded pants and shirts on the top rack that are hard to reach and almost always end up bring all of them down if you try to grab for one. looking like this:

And often, a standard closet just doesn’t have enough hanging space. (especially if shared by a husband and a wife.)

When I’m doing a closet, my thoughts are usually “what needs to be in the closet that would free up space in the actual bedroom? (Especially in a kids bedroom. )
FOR EXAMPLE….In my kids room, I hang every shirt. (T-shirts, dress shirts, long sleeved t-shirts and sweatshirts.) Everything else has it’s place in a dresser drawer. (pants, shorts, jammies, socks and undies.) I originally started doing this because I was finding that a lot of shirts weren’t getting worn because there were just piles of them in their drawers and as long as the laundry was kept…it seemed that the only shirts being worn were the ones on the top. I tried rotating them…but even that didn’t work. So I decided to start hanging them. This way I could see all of my options…and make sure to get use out of every shirt. Then i realized how much space I was saving in the bedroom because I was able to eliminate a dresser.

... .. . ..And that’s when it clicked.

Then I found myself REALLY enjoying making up closet designs that would work best for us. How I could properly utilize the closet space in each room. It was a challenge for me. (And I was floored at how affordable it was as well. )

But don’t worry….i’m gonna give you some ideas that will help deal with that unusable space.


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